Concrete Care & Instructions

  • Eco Friendly

    Our eco-friendly surfaces are entirely handmade from natural materials, local ingredients and bi-products produced from other industries. Variation in color, surface texture and finish will occur and are considered one of the valued characteristics of concrete. Non-structural hairline cracks are possible and not considered a manufacturing defect.

  • Extra Attention

    As concrete remains a work in progress for many years, there are some things that will acquire a little extra attention especially while the counters are young. Newly installed surfaces should be treated delicately for a minimum of thirty days. Avoid heavy usage and cleaning during this time.

  • Sealing Process

    As the seal allows for a small amount of vapor transfer, temporary local darkening may occur when steam filled pot lids or wet dishes are placed on the surface. This is normal and no cause for alarm. Our sealing process is designed to resist low-density oils but the seal has a vapor permeability to allow concrete to continue to cure properly. Wiping up oil spills as soon as possible can minimize the risk of leaving an oil patina on the surface, which over time can turn into something quite beautiful. Expect occasional rings to appear from unknown liquids.

  • Clean Up

    Concrete’s curing mechanism is alkali in nature so acids can etch raw concrete. Acids that carry color can stain if they are allowed enough time to penetrate the sealant membrane. It is wise to clean up spills of red wine, vinegar, lemon/lime juice in a timely manner.

  • Use Mild Cleansers

    We recommend the use of a mild cleanser such as Meyers multipurpose cleaning solution and a non-abrasive cloth or sponge. Avoid heavy abrasive cleansers containing ammonia, acid(citrus) or bleach. If a stain persists in a localized area, try using a baking soda poultice to remove it. Mix baking soda with water to form a paste and spread it a ¼” thick over the affected area, cover with plastic wrap and allow to dry. The poultice will extract oil and pigment stains(like coffee) quite effectively. Stubborn stains may require multiple treatments.

  • The Aging Process

    You should expect your new countertop to show wear, develop a patina and improve with time. Colors can deepen and intensify and the counter will change to reflect the way you use it. We have sealed your counters against most elements but common sense good housekeeping and regular cleaning techniques should be practiced. The sealing strategy we employ allows the concrete to ‘breathe’ as cementious hardening continues for years.