Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do custom work?

Yes, most of our orders are custom works of art, beauty as well as function, built to last a lifetime. There typically isn’t an extra charge for this.

How long will it take?

This can vary depending on the project and how busy we are at the time of the order. Usually 2-4 week for small jobs and 4-8 weeks for the larger ones.

How do I order?

Email or call us direct to discuss your project. If you’re local we will have you come by our shop and/or arrange a visit to see the space if needed.

Do you make all the concrete and furniture?

Yes, everything is designed and built in house. There may be some components of a job we shop out to other local businesses like water-jet cutting, powder coating, sandblasting etc…

What is GFRC?

Glass fiber reinforced concrete is a high performance, lightweight concrete product. The process involved in creating GFRC furnishings uses fewer materials than traditional mixes which means less waste materials, less impact on the environment and a smaller carbon footprint. Vertical surfaces, 3-dimensional details and surfaces difficult to achieve with traditional concrete mixes are more easily produced.

How do I care for my concrete?

See our ‘care’ section for instructions.

How do you make the steel patina art?

These pieces are created from new and salvaged(when it’s available) carbon steel. Resists and/or stencils are applied to the surface, which is then layered with paint and oxidized. Each piece is sealed with a low VOC environmentally friendly sealer and waxed. They are durable enough for the outdoors with occasional waxings. Briwax or Johnsons Paste Wax is recommended.

Do you use reclaimed materials?

Our ‘modern rustic’ design and approach to our projects allows us to use both when necessary. We enjoy repurposing found objects in our work but generally use new mild steel for some of the more sleek, modern products.

How do I care for my steel furniture?

We use an environmentally friendly clear coat on all our designs(except firepits.) All steel will eventually rust, depending on humidity and exposure to water. A little rust will give your piece that aged, industrial appeal. We actually like rust and use it as a patina sometimes. For added protection you can apply a wax such as Briwax.

Can you copy a design from someone else for less?

No thanks! We respect other artisan’s works and will not copy something for less money. We can’t compete with the prices of companies who mass produce just as they can’t compete with the high quality and custom craftsmanship of our unique pieces. We can however create something with a similar appeal.