Spiral Lights and Updates

We’re in the process of updating our showroom, which has been in the works for awhile now. Completing new projects around the shop while focusing on our clients projects means the shop projects always take the back burner. Oh yea and all the while raising an 18 month old. Patience is a virtue right?! We’re also installing a rather large spiral light fixture that was created for a client in one of our last projects but ended up being a little too overwhelming for the space. What to do with this behemoth of a piece? Coming up with a solution for hanging this ultra unique lighting fixture has been quite the challenge and a process. We can’t wait for everyone to see this showcase piece in person. Here’s a lil’ sneak peak…

spiral light, concrete ceiling light


“Living” Concrete Table Set

We were recently contacted by Lululemon Athletica as they were designing a new store in Los Angeles and were interested in one of our concrete “living” tables. Instead of our usual live-edge wood benches we mimicked the table top and created concrete benches for a more unified and modern look. We planted up the center with moss, ferns and begonias. Visit their new store on Melrose and see our latest table set.

handcrafted furniture, concrete table, concrete furniture

The Creek Eatery (part 2)

Finally getting around to posting the completed interior work we created for The Creek Eatery in San Jose, CA. The project started with a walnut cross section embedded concrete table for a private seating area which then lead to a steel and wood sliding barn door for privacy.  We then worked our magic in the main bar area with floating perforated steel shelves with custom copper rolling ladder for behind the bar liquor storage and an impressive concrete wrap around bar top faced with our artistic patina’d steel cladding and railroad track foot rest. We tied in the reclaimed wood areas throughout the eatery with some wood and concrete bar tables. The second bar area, also complete with a concrete top and art-like steel cladding across the front frames their wood fired pizza area with a custom copper oven cladding created by our friend MW Metalsmith. Next up were the woven steel partitions that function as seating on one side and service stations on the other. Last but not least, we also styled the bathrooms with concrete ramp sinks. The look and feel of this place definately has an industrial masculine feel yet is softened by the warm colors, fabrics and colorful art thanks to Kari Franks Interiors. Loungy, den-like and modern, the perfect place to enjoy some comfort Cali-cuisine.

restaurant design, the creek eatery, architectural concrete

steel shelves, rolling ladder, architectural metal

concrete countertops, concrete bar

steel design

concrete countertops

The Creek Eatery (Part 1)

We’ve been part of the design and build process for a new eatery in Silver Creek, Cali called The Creek. Probably one of the more extensive restaurant design projects we’ve had our creative hands in. Karrie Franks of Karrie Franks Interiors did an amazing job of styling out the new industrial style space with cool hues, vintage patterns and a soft, masculine blend of concrete, wood and metal accents. Again, some of our favorite work is designing architectural elements and creating functional art and furniture for the newest biz in town. More photos on the way…




Painting the town red…

Bold colors in concrete can be intimidating especially in small spaces but these red concrete beauties are the perfect fit for Charlie Hong Kong’s fresh interior redo. We completed the look with hand forged chopsticks seam details for an authentic touch just like their healthy cuisine.


Red Concrete Countertop



Ripple Effect

We recently recreated one of our original design fireplace surrounds. Luckily the mold was still in pretty good shape – just had to blow off the dust and solidify the form and we were good to go. This time we added a stainless steel fire screen for a more complete and unique touch.

concrete fireplace

Steel Fireplace Screen

Eclectic Outdoor Entertaining

One of our more unusual creations in outdoor entertaining is this concrete kitchen island with a matching circular fire pit. The island was designed with a foot pedal control for the sink, an ice receptacle for keeping those brews and vino chilled as well as a lazy susan detail for keeping the hors’deuvers within everyones reach.  We added hand-forged steel bamboo details and supports to compliment the black bamboo backdrop and to keep with zen-like landscape theme.

outdoor concrete island fire pit




Spiral ‘D’ Light

One of our most unique projects yet – a concrete spiral light fixture. The spiral is hung just below the ceiling so the LED lighting that’s tucked inside creates a warm and illuminating glow. Creating the mold and engineering this piece was no small feat and I must say has definately been one of the more challenging builds yet.

concrete ceiling light, concrete spiral

concrete ceiling light, concrete spiral

spiral mold for cast concrete

casting concrete

Latest Outdoor Kitchen & Fire Pit lounge…

We’re stoked(and so are our clients) to have this beachy-themed outdoor kitchen and fire pit lounge area complete! There’s plenty of counter space for entertaining while cooking at the grill and when it gets chilly, lounging on the curved concrete bench surrounding the large glass filled gas fire pit.  outdoor kitchen, concrete fire pit, concrete countertops

concrete fire pit

Concrete Countertop Emerald

NuBo, New Brew

Some of our favorite projects are designing and building for the latest restaurants and eateries – we love styling out our community and helping new biz owners come up with some unique elements for their establishment. New Bohemia Brewing Co.(aka NuBO) opened up in the environmentally friendly Feldner buidling in Pleasure Point. The copper inlays were a necessary detail as they are intended to match a set of custom made copper brew tanks that are on order from Germany. To allow for the installation of these large tanks, we needed to be able to remove a section of the bar without dismantling the whole thing so we added some stainless steel keys that hold the 3 bar top pieces together. We created a curved waterfall section for the service bar and attached this to the main bar with some industrial steel plate and bolts. Lining the front face of the bar are copper plates with the names of all the folks who helped fund the kickstarter project to help get this place to look as saavy as it does. Now grab yourself a beer and belly-up. Cheers!new bohemia brewing co, concrete bar

NuBo Brewery Concrete Bar

The Great Wave Gate

Here’s our latest and greatest wave gate, definitely one of our most challenging yet…Great Wave Gate


We’ve had the great pleasure of working with the owners of the Penny Ice Creamery & Picnic Basket on their latest endeavor – Assembly, a new restaurant downtown Santa Cruz featuring rustic California cuisine.

You’ll find some of our architectural elements and furniture inside but our most impressive work you’ll see before you walk in the door. On your next stroll down Pacific Ave. stop in and check out the new beautiful transformation and support local food & community.

Assembly 1

See More Here

Trees, Installed…

Well we did it again…added more beauty to the world and turned our clients vision into reality. Installation went smooth and didn’t even take a full day! We adore these kind of clients that let us run with our artistic freedom.

Steel Tree Rock Detail

Steel Tree Branch Rock Detail

Making Trees.

Making trees…a 60′ sculptural steel tree fence line.

MeZack Steel Tree

Juicy ~ The Amazon Juice Bar

Welcome to the Amazon…the Amazon Juice Bar located on 41st Ave(across from O’neills). We worked with the owners of Cafe Brazil to bring their long held ambitions of opening a juice bar into “fruition.”

Unfortunately the planning department is making it hard for yet another business to open in Santa Cruz…ugh! As soon as they get the thumbs up we’ll let you know so you can come check out their new styley spot and grab a delicious bowl of acai.

amazon juice bar

In the Press…Sunset Magazine

Not a bad way to start off the New Year, eh?western-garden-book-ideas-art-with-plants-0212-l
We’re stoked to have made it into the Feb. issue of Sunset Magazine which talks about what’s in the new Sunset Western Garden Book –  yes we made it into THE book!
Thanks to Dig Gardens for including our work in the garden design which lead to us all getting a piece of the Sunset Magazine action.
Here’s the link… Metal Patina 


Every time we complete a new project or make something we’re stoked about, when we’re done we say “Boom!” But you have to say it in sort of an Italian-Jersey-like accent, even though neither one of us is Italian (Dominic is Croatian by the way) it has a certain ring to it. This is definitely worthy of a “Boom!” Read The Full Article Here












Mug Shot

Enter…the new West End Kitchen & Tap Room. They’ve taken over the old Bonny Doon Winery tasting room & Cellar Door Restaurant.  Fresh local ingredients and plenty of artisan beers on tap plus they have a mighty fine sculpture of a beer mug from 5 Feet from the Moon! Quite possibly gonna be our new neighborhood hangout.  Everyone, do check it out.

Beer Mug


Been Awhile…

Hard to believe it’s been almost year since we posted! Truth is we’re the artist type and definately not the graphic artist type so finding the time to sit, write and post photos about what we’re up to is mostly the last thing we have the time and energy for after working hard at the shop all day.

I know, I know it’s all about marketing but with a ‘proof in the puddin’ approach who needs marketing?! Kidding! Well I don’t want to dump everything we’ve been doing in the past year – cause there’s a lot, in one blog so here’s where it starts…I new fiberglass concrete fab table so we can make more concrete tops and make them bigger!



Get Yer’ Blog On

Ever actually think about what the word “blog” means and how it came to be such a big part of our internet vocabulary? Sounds more like something that was blurted in one of those kindergarten playdough sessions.  It’s really not a real word at all but a “portmanteau” which is basically a combination of two words.

So that means all those times I was tongued-tied and two words came out at once I was actually creating legitimate words?! Maybe. While you’re pondering that thought, check out this recent blog we were featured in. Exquisite Rust Patina Metal Artwork

I’m not exactly sure how they found us but they did a super swell job of describing our work. Thanks Colin for the write up!